The Starlight Mesa Homeowner’s Association consists of ninety home sites plus common areas as defined in the CC&Rs and tract maps of the SMHA project.  The common areas contain improvements such as the swimming pool, tennis court, putting green, playground area, gardening shed, large areas of open landscaping and small strips of land of irregular physical size unsuitable for other improvements due to shape or easements (such as along the JPL fence).  The overall area of the SMHA is 39.232 acres including the homesites as well as the common areas.  The elevation of the SMHA is approximately 1,500 feet and rises to as high as 1,550 feet at the playground on the corner of Starlight Crest Drive and Starlight Mesa Lane.

The home site lots are numbered 1 through 90.  Commonly owned areas are on lots numbered above 90.  For instance, the putting green is on Lot 91; the swimming pool and tennis court are on Lot 92.  Lot 93 is a large expanse of open area extending from the down-slope side of homes on Mariners View Lane down and around the five SMHA homes on Lower Stardust Road.  Lot 94 is the playground at Starlight Mesa Lane, the gardener's hut, and thin strips of land extending along the JPL fence.  A condensed map of all this can be found on the center pages of the 2004 SMHA Telephone Directory.  Large scale tract maps are contained at the end of this article.

Each individual home site owner owns his/her own lot.  The common areas are owned by the owners of the individual lots as tenants in common, in equal shares, one share for each individual lot.  Each individual lot owner owns 1/90 undivided interest in all of the common area.  Management and maintenance of the common area is the responsibility of an elected Board of Governors but the Board itself does not own the common area nor does the SMHA Association.  Ownership of the common area is referenced and recorded with the deed of each and every individual lot.

The Board of Governors of the SMHA is elected annually in November of each year and consists of five members.  The members serve concurrent terms of one year.  A summary of the responsibilities of the Board and the role statements of individual members are described in a separate article on this web site.

showing areas of common maintenance and easements


These maps, below, are shown in large scale format for clarity.  You may have to scroll around on them depending upon your screen resolution.  There are four maps in all.  All four are below.